Director: Patrin, Gennadiy Semenovich
Adress: Krasnoyarsk. 28, Kirensky st., room B-225.
tel: (391) 2 912 967

Institute was founded in 2008 from:

  • Physical Department of KSU (founded in 1969)
  • Physical Engineering Department of KSTU (founded in 1993)
  • Radio Engineering Department of KSTU (founded in 1965)


  • Chair of Theoretical Physics and Wave Phenomena
  • Chair of Thermal Physics
  • Chair of Radio Engineering
  • Chair of Photonics and Laser Technologies
  • Chair of Radio Electronic Systems
  • Chair of Physics of Condensed Matter
  • Chair of Instrument-Making and Nanoelectronics
  • Chair of Infocommunication
  • Chair of Nanophase Materials and Nanotechnologies
  • Scientific and Educational Centers:
    • Photonics and Laser Technologies
    • Thermal Physics and Power Engineering
    • Nanomaterials
    • Radio Electronics

Teaching Staff:

  • 2 Corresponding Members of Russian Science Academy
  • 60 professors
  • 75 assistant professors
  • 40 teachers and assistants

Basic activity of graduate:

  • Fundamental and applied research in area of new materials synthesis, studying property and application
  • Geophysical and astrophysical investigations of the Earth and outer Space
  • Fundamental research and equipment designing in thermal power engineering
  • Work with laser medical and scientific equipment
  • Design and operate radio electronic communication and navigation equipment
  • Serve radio engineering and telecommunication systems
  • Regular officers of radio engineering forces

Educational programs:

  • 030302, 030402 “Physics”
    Master’s programs:

    • Physics of Condensed Matter
    • Theoretical and Mathematics Physics
    • Optic Phenomena Physics
    • Physics of Magnetic Phenomena
    • Physics of Earth and Planets
    • Thermal Physics
  • 140401 “Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermal Physics”

    • Thermal Physics

    Master’s program:

    • Thermal Physics and Molecular Physics
  • 160401 “Technical Physics”
    Master’s program:

    • Optical physics and quantum electronics
  • 140302 “Nuclear Physics and Technologies”
  • 250503 “Technical Exploitation of Transport Radio Equipment”

    • International Infocommunication Transport Systems
  • 120301, 120401 “Instrument-Making”

    • Information and Measuring Technique and Technology

    Master’s program:

    • Medical and Biological Systems and Equipment
  • 110304, 110404 “Electronics and Nanoelectronics”

    • Micro System Engineering

    Master’s program:

    • Materials and Elements of Solid State Electronics
  • 110301, 110401 “Radio Engineering”
    Master’s programs:

    • Radio Electronic System and Equipment of Location, Navigation and Control
    • Microwave Equipment and Antennas
  • 110501 “Radio Electronic Systems and Complex”

    • Radio Navigation Systems and Complex
  • 110302, 110402 “Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems”

    • Network and Communication Systems
    • Systems of Mobile Communications

    Master’s program:

    • Materials and Elements of Solid State Electronics
  • 110303, 110403 “Designing and Technology of Radio Electronic Equipments”

    • Designing and Technology of Electronic Equipments

    Master’s program:

    • Radio Electronic Equipments for Special Purpose and Production Technology
  • 280301 “Nanotechnology and Micro System Engineering”

    • Materials for Micro- and Nanosystem Equipments
  • 27.03.05, 27.04.05 “Innovation”

    • Innovation

    Master’s program:

    • Management of innovation

Entrance examinations list:

03.03.02 “Physics”: PHYSICS, Russian Language, Mathematics

14.03.02 “Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermal Physics”,
28.03.01 “Nanotechnology and Micro System Engineering”,
16.03.01 “Technical Physics”:

MATHEMATICS, Russian Language, Physics

ALL OTHER: MATHEMATICS, Russian Language, Informatics

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